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The Kauai 50 is a 50 mile trail race taking place at 6:00 AM HST on Saturday, August 5th of 2023. The inaugural race will take place at Kauai Coffee Farm near Kalaheo. Runners will complete 4 loops (approx 12.7 miles each) around the dirt paths of the coffee farm. The paths consist of hard packed dirt and runners will come across ruts a few times on the course. If runners don't begin their final loop by 3:45 PM HST, they won't eb able to continue on the course. Runners will then have a maximum of 13 hours (until 7:00 PM HST) to complete the race.  Male and Female first place winners will each be awarded $15,000.00 USD in prize money. A total of $50,000.00 USD in prize money will be awarded to the top 5 male and female Finishers. The Kauai 50 has committed to donating $7,500.00 USD to local non profit, Run Club Kauai. 

The Kauai 50

- A race for runners -

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Elevation/ Course Profile

  1. Loop Distance: Approximately 12.7 Miles 

  2. Loop Min Elevation: 78 ft ,  Avg. Elevation 246 ft,  Max Elevation 445 ft

  3. Loop Elevation Gain/Loss: 1179 ft, -1180 ft

  4. Loop Max Slope: 11%, -15.5% Avg Slope: 2.9%, -3.1%

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In August, the relative humidity for Kauai is 80%. Temperatures can vary between highs of 86 F and lows of 72 F. The race will begin with a lit torch being extinguished.


97% of Kauai is composed of undeveloped mountains and rainforests. The Kauai 50 route is adjacent to the ocean and home to some incredible views of the island.


Anyone who toes the line of The Kauai 50 has courage. Those who cross the finish line of The Kauai 50 have spirit and grit!

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About The Race Director

Brady Silverwood is a professional Ultra Runner, the author of “ 9 for Nine: The 9 Lessons I Learned While Running Across The USA In 9 Pairs Of Shoes ” and has ran across the USA and Costa Rica. In May of 2022 Brady completed his first 100 mile race, the Keys 100.

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Got questions about the race? Send our Race Director Brady Silverwood an email!

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