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The Kauai 50 Ultra Race is giving away a Free 2024 Subaru Crosstrek to the Overall First Place Runner that is able to finish the 2024 Kauai 50 Mile Race in under 5:30:00  (Five Hours and Thirty Minutes and Zero Seconds).


  1. If the Overall First Place Runner finishes the race in 5:30:00 (Five Hours and Thirty Minutes and Zero Seconds) or more time, this giveaway is VOID.

  2. This giveaway is VOID if the winner does not pass the performance enhancing drug test following the 2024 Kauai 50 Mile Race.

  3. This giveaway is VOID if the 2024 Kauai 50 Mile Race is cancelled for any reason. 

  4. The winner of this giveaway is responsible for all federal, state and local taxes, title, registration, vehicle insurance and all other costs associated with prize acceptance and use not specified herein as being provided are the sole responsibility of the Grand Prize Winner.

  5. If the winner of this giveaway resides in a country outside of the USA, the winner is responsible for all costs associated with shipping the Grand Prize.

  6. The winner of this Giveaway may opt to receive a cash prize of $15,000.00 ( Fifteen Thousand and Zero Dollars) instead of the Grand Prize (Subaru Crosstrek).

  7. As stated by Subaru in PRNEWSWIRE.COM, the MSRP Value of the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek is $24,995.00 ( Twenty Four Thousand and Nine Hundred and Ninety Five Dollars).

  8. This Giveaway begins on Thursday, September 21st of 2023 and will run until Sunday, August 4th of 2024.

  9. The Kauai 50 Ultra Race LLC and this giveaway is not affiliated in any way with Subaru and this giveaway is not endorsed by any brand whose products or services are being offered as parts of the prize package in any way.

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Elevation/ Course Profile

  1. Loop Distance: approx 12.8 MILES 

  2. Max Elevation: approx 500 FT

  3. Elevation Gain (per loop): approx 750 FT

  4. Total Distance: approx 51.2 MILES

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Official 2023 K50 Aftermovie

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Inaugural Kauai 50

Inaugural Kauai 50 Showcases Unbreakable Spirit and Community Camaraderie

The rugged beauty of Kauai's landscape served as the backdrop for the inaugural Kauai 50, a grueling 50-mile trail race that brought together professional ultra runners and passionate enthusiasts alike. Held on Saturday, August 5, 2023, the event took place at the scenic Kauai Coffee Farm, where runners completed four challenging loops, each approximately 12.7 miles long, through the dirt paths of the Kauai Coffee Estate.

The brainchild of Brady Silverwood, a professional ultra runner, and author, the Kauai 50 aimed to share the gift of running that had personally transformed his life. Silverwood's vision found its roots in a run club he joined in 2018 during a period of depression and uncertainty. Determined to extend this empowering experience to others, he partnered with like-minded individuals to create an event that would test participants' physical limits and foster a sense of camaraderie and community care.

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In August, the relative humidity for Kauai is 80%. Temperatures can vary between highs of 84 F and lows of 72 F. The heat in Hawaii hits differently, just ask any of our runners from last year.


97% of Kauai is composed of undeveloped mountains and rainforests. The Kauai 50 route is through a beautiful coffee farm (Kauai Coffee) and boasts some epic ocean views.


Whether you are first or last, every runner on race day has to grind it out. Those who toe the line of The Kauai 50 have courage. Those who cross the finish line of The Kauai 50 have grit!

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