The Kauai 50 is a 50 mile ultra road race taking place at 12:01 AM on Saturday, August 5th of 2023. The inaugural race will feature climbs alongside Waimea Canyon, known as 'The Grand Canyon of Hawaii'. Runners will have a maximum of 13 hours to complete all 50 miles. Male and Female first place winners will each be awarded $15,000 USD in prize money. A total of $50,000 USD in prize money will be awarded to the top 5 male and female Finishers. 5% of proceeds from this race will be donated to a local Kauai Charity.

The Kauai 50

- where fire, beauty, and spirit collide -

Kauai 50 Race Map.png


In August, the relative humidity for Kauai is 80%. Temperatures can vary between highs of 86 F and lows of 72 F. The race will begin with a lit torch being extinguished.


97% of Kauai is composed of undeveloped mountains and rainforests. The Kauai 50 includes a 3k ft. climb over 11 miles alongside the Waimea Canyon which some refer to as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.


Anyone who toes the line of The Kauai 50 has courage. Those who cross the finish line of The Kauai 50 have spirit. The Hawaiian word for spirit is 'uhane



Brady Silverwood is a professional Ultra Runner, the author of “ 9 for Nine: The 9 Lessons I Learned While Running Across The USA In 9 Pairs Of Shoes ” and has ran across the USA and Costa Rica. In May of 2022 Brady completed his first 100 mile race, the Keys 100.



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